my favorites

So, here's the deal. I'm a BIG nerd. Well, ok, not like super big but I do love anime (if you look closely my tattoo is a Studio Ghibli character named Totoro), reading, I like to learn new things, and I'm probably just a quirky kinda girl. Growing up by the beach has taught me that life is better when you slow down and just breathe it in a moment at a time, it also helps to just have fun & be spontaneous! 

i'm shayne!

oh hey!


my love


- I'm a mama of two. My kids are sweet & wild and keep me on my toes. As a mother I know what it's like to want to document every single moment. 

- The best project I've ever created was a series called "Oki Up Close" in Okinawa where we filmed local attractions and featured small businesses. It made me so happy to showcase hard working, amazing people. 

- I've always been into some kind of creative art. My first ever love is singing though. I will sing out loud, if no one is listening. 

- My chocolate chip cookies are a fan favorite. I will bake you some if you mention you love cookies. 

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